Five of our curricular foundations

I’m Bilingual

Your child has English content for half of the school day, reinforcing the four areas of language development.

My Native Tongue

We foster in your child the love of reading and the use of the spanish language by focusing on spelling, grammar, writing, etymology and language.

I’m a Nueva Raza Leader

Area focused on socioemotional skills where your child learns and applies the values and abilities of a good leader and member of our society.

Math for Life

Your child learns math in a practical and enjoyable way, understanding how to apply its use to everyday life.

Finding and Strengthening my Complementary Abilities

Your child develops complementary abilities with subjects such as music, art, dance and technology.

We Favor Personalized Education

Our groups are kept «reduced or less», with 12 to 18 students per group, but we reduce the maximum quota if the generation requires it, as we prioritize the students over reaching a quota