We are a bilingual school founded in 1991, with presence in Mexico City and Queretaro

What We

Believe In

We believe that each child is unique and that their abilities and characteristics, in concert with a purposeful education, make up the potential that will help them have a prosperous development.

We believe in applying our hearts to teaching, understanding that the «heart» is the nucleus, where both love and passion for what we do unite with the knowledge and values that form us.

We believe that fine-tuning our hearing and listening in time constitutes a firm foundation for communication where children, parents, teachers, and our institution enrich the learning process.

We believe that personalized education is preferable. That is why our groups are maintained as «reduced or less», and if the generation requires it, we lower the maximum quota of students in the group, prioritizing the academic requirements of the enrolled students, allowing the use of personalized strategies with our students as needed.

We believe that excellent education must be affordable. Due to the beliefs of our founders being applied to this educational project, educational needs are set above unnecessary embellishment and luxuries, allowing us to offer the most competitive tuition fees in the market in a cost-benefit comparison. This way, we allow working parents the opportunity to invest in an excellent education for their children.

We believe that a prosperous life is more than just knowledge, which is why we incorporate socio-emotional learning and value formation into our curriculum. We exercise the abilities of a good leader, and in tandem, we instruct our students in values such as tolerance and the rejection of classism, racism, and elitism.

We believe that any human being can grow and overcome anything when they work with a clear purpose and have synergy with the knowledge and values required. Our name represents the moment when the individual transforms, discovering a new world plethoric in culture and knowledge, and turning into a New Race.



As said beforehand, our name represents that moment of individual transcendence, but also the virtue of understanding that, despite our differences in appearance, every race, nation, and culture is part of the same genetic code, the human genome.

Nueva Raza propels the conviction that it is possible to vanquish the apparent differences when we understand that we are all descendants of the same origin, family, lineage, or race.




When channeled properly, it is the foundation of the most noble emotions known to man. It gives us the ability to worry about the well-being of others and our own, to care about family, friends, our profession, and society. This ability is necessary to form solid and healthy relationships among people.

It does not only refer to carrying out our duties or obligations; it also means being aware that every action and decision we make has consequences, and even if they are negative, we must confront and face them.

Mutual respect, whether for the rules, nature, our environment, physical differences, beliefs, or abilities of others, allows us to establish peaceful and harmonious relationships, making us fully functional members of our society.

It’s the quality of doing the right thing. It encompasses very important values such as honesty, integrity, justice, and righteousness when acting. A person with integrity is worthy in both the personal and professional areas.

This focuses on knowing the objective and the significance of what we do and learn, thus defining our way forward and our priorities. understanding that each one of us has a very specific group of abilities, competences, and personality traits that we have to channel towards a specific end. Our lives have a purpose.

Much is said about searching for happiness in life, but this cannot be plentiful if we do not appreciate and feel grateful for what we have. This extends beyond the material: life, health, our loved ones, and much else are what we should value day by day.

When things turn difficult, we should not give up. There are many areas in which we will have to work diligently to reach our goals. Behind every challenge and adversity, we find personal growth. After all, each achievement achieved with effort gives us more satisfaction.

This encompasses everything from the most simple things like class participation and helping someone in need to being proactive in our job or maybe launching a project. Taking initiative can open the doors to opportunity, and it’s vital for us to be able to reach our objectives and make our environment a better place.

A drop of water can break a rock. In our studies, at work, or in personal relationships, the little things we do day by day are the ones that make a difference. Being constant tempers our character.

Emotions are fleeting, and by themselves, sometimes they can cause negative ripples for us and those around us. Being calm and thinking about the consequences of our words, actions, and attitudes will allow us to take more objective decisions, avoiding giving our emotions the opportunity to govern us and do harm (to ourselves or others).